Technical Solutions

Reporting Panel System

View the results of your activity from anywhere in the world through a special panel that displays the different outcomes of all systems in a readable, simplified, and interactive way.

Reports Designer

It is in all the systems, it helps create all reports in different display forms and save them in multiple formats «Word, Excel, PDF» or display them at any time.

Security System

It has intelligent management linking all systems with each other, granting appropriate permissions to each user according to the nature of his work. It gives full control of the system messages that the users see.

Workflow Systems

High flexibility in converting the movement of paper documents to electronic. It speeds up the procedures of documents and saves them in a unified database. It also determines the administrative levels that the document passes through before its approval, for all systems.

SMS System

It is in all the systems; it deals with parties outside or inside your company. Communicate easily through various short messages that leave the system; it’s sent directly to everyone for all occasions.

Monitoring System

Carefully monitor all your users’ activities on the system; it will inform you which user has entered the system, the device used, the date and time of this entry, and the adjustments made to compare old and modified values.

Email System

Available in all systems where you deal with external or internal parties. Communicate without restrictions via email prepared by the system and sent directly, through a secure system.