Transport and Shipping Program

Transport ERP Systems أنظمة إدارة النقليات


The TMS Program became very well known in the last decade. It helped the companies and institutions expand the businesses by dealing globally in different languages and currencies.

The primary task of the Transportation and Shipping Management Program is to simplify the shipping process and related logistics, reduce costs, and improve the ability to see the supply chain for distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

The Transportation and Shipping Program helps companies and institutions plan, implement, and improve the movement of goods, incoming and issued. It also ensures that the shipment conforms to specifications and has the necessary papers.

ASCON’s Transportation and Shipping Management Program offers daily tracking of shipment operation and the related paperwork. It ensures that the goods arrive on time.


The following characteristics characterize ASCON’s Transportation and Shipping Programs:

  • Accurately track data of trucks, drivers, and payload types.
  • It follows the schedule of directions, distances between cities, and shipping rates.
  • Arrange the travelers’ trip according to the direction and distance’s schedule.
  • It records the shipping order and track the trucks’ movement and stops.
  • It follows the departing and arriving trips for each branch.
  • It ships from and to different places and follows the drivers’ visas in case of international shipping.
  • Issuing shipping bills to customers and record benefits.
  • It creates a profit center for every truck and each driver.
  • Follow up the cases of trucks «in service – parked – disabled – in the workshop – on a trip – waiting for their arrival to a branch.»
  • It provides complete reports on the whereabouts of the trucks and their movement schedule.
  • It reports revenue and expenses for each truck.
  • Reports on trucks and drivers position (periodic maintenance / expiry of documents / types of cargo / violations / licenses / visas).
  • It reports revenue and expenses for each trip.

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