Schools and Educational Institutions Sector

School Management Systems ERP أنظمة إدارة المدارس


The School and Educational Institutions Program have a big part in the school’s educational level and the success of its administration. Having a good admin means better education.

ASCON’s School and Educational Institutions Program helps the school’s administration, teachers, and students. It offers a way of communication between the school and the parents to obtain the best educational experience.

The School and Educational Institutions monitor all aspects of the educational process, organize it, and provide an effective means of communication between all participants in this process.


Advantages of the Schools and Educational Institutions Management Program:

  • It re-codes all the students and classes accurately.
  • Easily records the subjects for each class.
  • It accurately records registration fees and academic fees for each semester.
  • Students registers in the buses.
  • Record bus transportation fees.
  • Decides students’ exam mark and control it.
  • Payment of tuition monitored, and it provides parents’ account statements.
  • Connect with the VAT system.
  • It collects fees, tuition fees, and multiple-child discounts.
  • It records the students’ success and movement from one class to another.
  • It provides a full report on the students’ grades with the subjects.

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