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Property Management ERP Systems إدارة العقارات

ASCON’s Real Estate Program group includes multiple systems that meet all your needs in one real estate program. It starts from registering real estate with all its details and data in an organized way then it deals with the property by selling or renting, to tracking what else each owner owns and the bank. In an easy interactive environment, this program saves the user a lot of time and effort.

This system is designed to track all the properties rented out by the company. This happens by linking the tenants’ area with the type of real estate that was rented and linking all these data with the tenants’ data. All of this is for you to have a complete package of reports that will ensure efficiency and help increase profit.

Advantages of the system

  • Ease of entering and managing “lands and villas” and managing properties in general and professionalism in designing and extracting their reports.
  • It views the basic knowledge of a particular property that your company owns with all its data such as «name – land type – part number – number of streets – side».
  • It has high flexibility in entering information on construction in Real Estate Programs according to reality, such as the number of floors, apartments, offices, and parking areas on each floor.
  • It carefully reviews the basic knowledge of a specific building, such as “unit name – its number and street number – its area – the unit price per square meter.”
  • Carefully review complete reports for each building separately, or all buildings together.
  • Completely connected to your company’s public accounts program, the Real Estate Program posts a record of each movement.
  • It records and tracks the covenant within the rental units.
  • It monitors the expenses of each real estate or unit within the property.
  • It records rental movements, with unit and tenant information.
  • Each tenant is linked to a specific recipient, allowing the user to transfer the tenants among the collectors.
  • It carefully enters registered contracts with tenants.
  • It gives you a detailed report on each tenant from the name – nationality – profession – to ID number… etc.
  • You can activate it on a rental basis for the units entered, or a sales basis, where you can sell the units.
  • It alerts the property management system level, during a specific period of expired contracts – payments due for collection – extension and renewal of contracts – the number of days allowed to renew and extend.
  • It activates the credit levels on some or all of the system’s screens, such as “dismantling and combining units – termination of contracts – payments – leases.”
  • It links complete real estate programs with the VAT calculation system.

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