Maintenance and Operation Sector

Maintenance ERP أنظمة الصيانة

Maintenance and Operation Program:

The program manages and follows up the maintenance and operation activity in specialized institutions and companies. It includes the feature of following up maintenance work, issuing alert notices for the date of preventive maintenance, And the ability to register the equipment and the maintenance that was done with it. It also includes monitoring financial costs for works, emergency maintenance, sudden failure status, and the period required for the maintenance by opening something that is called maintenance tickets, which contains all the information.

Efficiency, accuracy, and creative technical solutions to the problems of this sector are some characteristics that ASCON’s Maintenance and Operation System has. This is what distinguishes this program from other programs in this specialized sector.

ASCON’s Maintenance and Operation System enables the clients, who are specialized in this equipment-related sector, to improve customer satisfaction and to benefit from its resources and to raise profitability. It enables ASCON’s system to manage its performance in field service quickly. Flexibility and the ability to develop performance steps are characteristics of this system.

The Maintenance and Operation sector includes many tools to accomplish its tasks such as equipment, machines, people, and cars. The combination of these tools efficiently requires many overlapping and complex calculations to ensure high efficiency at a satisfactory cost. The ASCON’s Maintenance and Operation Program provides this, in addition to following up on the work required by these assets on a continuous and correct basis. This is the reason for the spread of the program in this sector and the diversification of a diverse group of companies, large and small, into ASCON’s Maintenance and Operation Management Programs.

ASCON’s Maintenance and Operation Management System assist its users with equipment and assets are:

  • Increasing the life span of the assets as a result of the optimal use of them.
  • Accurately distributes the costs of using these essentials to various projects.
  • It reduces the time work was stopped for the need for equipment and essentials.
  • The ability to monitor spare parts component cases for each essential.
  • Track mobile equipment.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the company that specializes in this activity as a whole.



ASCON's Tender and Project Management Program

  • ASCON’s Tenders and Projects program accurately records the historical data of the tender and items.
  • The program accurately records the cost components of the “Tender Items”. Then it determines the price that will be submitted by the tender.
  • ASCON measures the profitability of the tender offers, before submitting them, to make the appropriate decision of entering the tender or not.
  • ASCON converts the tender after the awarding of to one or several projects.
  • ASCON registers project contracts.
  • ASCON verifies advance payments.
  • The program provides an estimated budgets for projects.
  • It submits the clearance to their owners after they are approved.
  • ASCON continues to collect the payment clearance at the funded entities. Then it calculates the net value of the payment clearance after the deduction of the fines and the percentage of the advanced discount.
  • ASCON provides a separate statement of the status of each “advance payment – detained fee – fines and their types – payment clearances” on the level of each project and the level of projects for a particular customer. That also is done for the projects of a specific sector and the company as a whole.
  • ASCON accurately measures the financial performance of each project.
  • The program tracks the changes in the value and duration of contracts at the level of each project.
  • Provides accurate analytical reports of the expenses and revenues of each project.

ASCON's Employment and Resources Management:

  • ASCON’s Employment and Labor Material Program tracks the level of each project.
  • ASCON tracks labor transfers between projects. It charges each project with its share of the labor cost.
  • ASCON monitors activity components such as “wages, overtime, qualifying, bonuses, deductions, vacations, advances, absences” at the worker’s standard, the project, and the company.
  • ASCON’s software can connect with attendance machines.
  • ASCON reports the deviations from the estimated actual labor consumption, at the standard of each project.
  • It makes a full procurement course, starting from “ordering materials, then quotes and purchase order, until the receiving of the materials in warehouses or locations, and issuing the purchase invoice.”
  • It tracks the purchases for each project, and links them with the estimated budget for the materials.
  • Tracks the materials spent on each project.

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