Farms & Livestock Sector

إدراة الثروة الزراعية والحيوانية

Recently livestock farm management has significantly improved. Instead of thinking of it as food production for the locals, the farmers think of it as an international business.

Like any other business, farms face many challenges everyday, like limited resources. Thanks to the advanced technology, Farm owners can easily increase their revenue by using Farm Management System.

The Agriculture and Livestock Management System helps farmers monitor their farm crops and livestock every minute.

This system supports connecting from any electronic device like mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. Ascon’s Agricultural and Livestock Management System is the most advanced and best software platform for farm and livestock management.

Ascon’s Farm and Livestock Management Software allows you to monitor and manage purchases, supply chains, and analyze financial data.

With its long experience in developing ERP systems, ASCON’s systems has helped many leading companies achieve a profitable and sustainable agricultural and livestock business goal.

ASCON’s Agriculture and Livestock Programs are highly technology scalable.


  • It provides you with essential data needed to make decisions for the crops, fields, and resources.
  • It provides you with real-time information on all tasks, costs, and revenues.
  • Record and analyze the activities at the field level.
  • It manages all the agriculture data, including field activities, financial transactions, and stock in the same place.
  • It sends a warning if there is a danger of infestations or diseases in the fields. It protects your crops in the appropriate time.
  • It provides you with powerful analysis.
  • It gives you an up-to-date overview of your farm performance to help you make the right time decisions based on the facts.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • It provides full connectivity between what actually happens in your farm with your portable devices.
  • It monitors every animal in all stages of its life from birth, its breed, the amount of food it needs, the rate of weight gain, and vaccinations, and its medical history.
  • It provides you with accurate data and statistics when setting a budget or setting a time for planting or harvesting.
  • Production cost control.