Retail and POS Systems

Retail and POS ERP Systems

In the trading world, you have to have access to a reliable management system to help you stay at the top. You have to have instant access to data for the stock, the knowledge of different purchasing methodologies, and an overall insight for the customers.

The customers are the most critical shareholder in the trading business. The ones that can double their earnings are the ones that can give their customers what they need on time.

Traders need a management system that offers all the knowledge in a periodical and easy way.

The POS Program helps strengthen the relationship with the customers and continue development in their business to suit their customers’ desires. That leads to an increase in the income and expansion of the company.

C builds a high-level service for customers and loyalty.

ASCON offers POS systems that meet all the needs of business owners and ensure that they develop their business to become more manageable and efficient and increase profits.

ASCON’s POS and Retail Trading System has many advantages, like:

  • Makes it easy to classify your product and to put it in categories.
  • Gives you many models for each unit to use any of them.
  • Registers an alternative assert with a clear photo of it.
  • Determining the demand limit and the minimum and maximum for each class on the level of product or warehouse or POS.
  • Efficiently deals with different shipments and different expiration dates for the same item.
  • Has a facility to arrange things by colors, sizes, seasons, and different items.
  • Can easily create the item number the way you desire.
  • Makes a Bar-code for each item.
  • Handles restaurants, meal formation, tables, and reservations.
  • Has complete management of the stocks, including purchasing cycle, receiving and exchanging goods, and turning them to warehouses and POS.
  • Gives you an excellent policy for pricing items, discounts, and promotions.
  • Has a Customers Loyalty System, calculates points and rewards, and prints customer cards.
  • Ability to suspend invoices.
  • Put specific working hours for each POS.
  • Has a different payment method according to each customer.
  • Deals with printers, bar-code readers, a display screen for your customers, and scales.
  • Uses an inventory device called Data Collector
  • It uses the Handheld device to charge your customers with car sales and delegates.
  • Makes a statistical report on item movement sales and best-selling brands.
  • Gives a statistical report on the stocks, the items that have reached the demand limit, and the inventory rotation rate.
  • Provides full reports on monitoring material requests, purchase materials, inquiries, transfers, returns, tunes, and offer price.


Specialized systems:

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  • Loyalty system and customer points calculation [Details]
  • Sale offers system [Details]
  • Mobile sales apps [Details]