Imitation of medicines, their waste, commercial fraud, and all forms of corruption in medicine have come to an end with the dawn of smart technological systems. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun to take practical steps to urge pharmaceutical companies to register with the Saudi Numbering Center. According to the Food and Medicine Authority regulations, they will update their data and product lists through the Medicine tracking system with an immediate Medicine control plan.

This system is part of the Food and Medicine Authority’s plan to participate in the National Transformation Program 2020, aiming to achieve Saudi Vision 2030.

Learn with us about this plan and the new “RSD” Medicine tracking system, its importance, and its most prominent advantages.

What is the Medicine tracking system?

It is an integrated tracker of the Medicine from its exit from the factory step by step until it safely reaches the consumer’s hand. It contributes to strengthening the role of the “Medicine and Food Authority” in protecting society, enhances the control over the Medicine, and ensures its safety by knowing its source and the stages that it went through from manufacturing till it arrives to the patient.



Primary goals of the Medicine tracking system

There are three main goals of this system:

1- Combating Medicine fraud.
2- Achieve Medicine safety.
3- Ensure the availability of the required medicines

What is the importance of Medicine tracking and the most prominent advantages?

The following points summarize the importance of the Medicine tracking system:

  • The system monitors the entire supply process.
  • Makes sure that the medicines are “not adulterated”.
  • Provides reliable data regarding the Medicines used in fraud and their sources.
  • Gives us information about the availability of the Medicine’s location in a short time.
  • Enables the consumer to know all the Medicine data.
  • Helps to optimize the use of pharmaceuticals, and reduce waste.
  • Immediately stops the circulation of withdrawn medicines. It ensures no circulation happens by giving a warning.
  • The “RSD” Medicine tracking system allows the consumer to inquire about a Medicine’s safety and report any side effects after its use.


The most prominent participants and beneficiaries of the “RSD” Medicine tracking system:

  • Factories.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Warehouses.
  • Agents
  • Hospitals.
  • Consumer.

How do you link your pharmacy management system to the Medicine tracking system?

With the launch of the Food and Medicine Administration of the “RSD for Every Medic” system, ASCON has made a new achievement. It has linked this system with the smart systems of the “Pharmacies and Medicines Activity Inventory Group” in cooperation with the “Lynn” company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What confirms the ASCON group’s uniqueness is that we have been able to link the tracking system “RASD” through our “ERP” systems. It tracks every medicine package through a bar-code and a number. The system knows how to store it and what is its went until it reaches the patient!

You can visit the pharmacy and medicine stores page to learn the full benefits of these systems in ASCON.