Sales Representatives


Reporting to the sales manager, he will be responsible for implementing sales strategies. The candidate must have a university degree. At least one year of experience in sales and marketing activities, we are looking for someone to interact directly with existing customers, new to promote ERP software sales (finance, HR, software, and distribution services). We are looking for people who can communicate, communicate, and negotiate.

Special requirements:

Has to have the ability to achieve sales objectives, negotiate, stimulate and create the need for systems in customers, sales motivation, sales planning, building relationships, training, operations management, market knowledge, budget development, proficiency in Arabic and English.

Oracle Application Developers


The application developer will implement the required applications using Oracle tools. The successful candidate can create solutions that interact with existing business systems to achieve organizational goals for automating processes and minimizing errors. Must be self-motivated and have a suitable level of education.

  •  Has the ability to implement new applications for customer service to simplify business processes.
  •  Has the ability to track and fix errors, Job improvements, and app extensions on existing applications.
  • Working in a team environment with other application developers: Due to the nature of the work, the applicant must have prior knowledge.
  • Development of screens and reports using Oracle tools • PL / SQL • Database design.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science or Computer Engineer or Computer and Information.
  • 3-4 years experience in Oracle development.
  • Languages: Speak / write / understand fluent Arabic / English or more.
  • Good communication skills.

Special requirements:

Due to the nature of the work, the person must have knowledge of the following:

  • Oracle Forms and Report Development
  • PL / SQL
  • Database Development

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