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Integrated systems with a medicine tracking system

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The Pharmacies and Medicine stores business is now in need of a link between all the specializations related to the health services sector, pharmaceutical, and drug services. The Pharmacies systems have to get more high technology to help these businesses to understand these goals, it must contain high technology that enables it to connect with any other program while maintaining the confidentiality of its data. It must also include high flexibility in development, so Ascon Company re-developed this sector’s application on the latest technology available.

The ASCON Pharmacies Program has recently become a necessity for everyone working in the field of managing pharmacies and medicine stores. The program satisfies the needs of the managers in this sector, which is a powerful and simple system that can overcome the sector’s problems by connecting with an external sector and managing medicine stores and stores of related items and follow up the expiration dates. It also alerts the depletion of the stock of a particular item and other things related to management.

ASCON’s Pharmacy system enables the users to request, track, and dispose of the items that they need inside pharmacies with the highest security, accuracy, and efficiency.

ASCON’s Pharmacy System will help to manage the pharmacy to be efficiently and safely, no matter if it is one pharmacy or more.

ASCON’s system integrated with the Medicine Tracking System, which found in most advanced countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You will cover all your needs, whether you are looking for a simple pharmacy system with a limited budget for your new pharmacy or looking for an integrated system for managing a group of pharmacies centrally.


ASCON’s Pharmacies Saudi Arabia version enables us to connect your pharmacy or warehouse with the “NOBCO” and the Ministry of Health. ASCON program allows the Patient to dispense the prescription from any pharmacy that enters into this agreement.

ASCON system can deals with registered items with the same codes of Saudi Nutrients and Medicine Administration by linking to the items either the primary or alternative while pricing them.

POS helps in installing the primary data required in each operation and shows all the previous operations in the reports on the system in a programmed manner. It also has the adaptability to update and add items to work historically, given that the list of items is changeable.

It contains a specific form for the company «NOBCO» that interprets the primary and alternative items and the profit margin.

The system makes a claim for compensation from the suppliers of the items. It then compensates the seller with the difference in the purchase price from the sale price decided by «NOBCO» with a review of the claim in a total or detailed manner for each supplier. It is deducted from the supplier directly.

ASCON’s Pharmacies and Medicine Stores System easily integrated with the RASD system, which monitored all medicines carefully and ensured its legality. These happen by knowing their source and stages of their manufacture until it reaches to consumer. This program works by registering the unique series of each medicine box smoothly, even with a similar history of expiration and validity date through QR.

ASCON’s Pharmacies and Medicine Stores Management System features:

  • Define the items according to their groups.
  • Multiple units of measurement for each item so that you can deal with any of them separately.
  • Include an alternative item and attach a realistic picture of it.
  • Determine the demand limit and the minimum and maximum limit for each item at the level of the class, warehouse, and point of sale.
  • It can easily handle different shipments and different expiration dates for the same item.
  • Deals with suppliers, agents, and manufacturers.
  • It determines the sellers’ commissions either in portion or a fixed amount with each item.
  • It determining the sales for each pharmacist and the calculation of the commissions due.
  • It can create promotional offers for each item within a specific period.
  • Determines the working hours of pharmacies and their employees.
  • It creates a complete procurement cycle and exchange using the method of first-in, first-out.
  • Use the Bach number according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.
  • Follows agreements with suppliers, discount rates, and bonuses.
  • It sets multiple levels of discount rates for purchases and supplier agreements.
  • Accuracy of inventory with classification according to expiration dates and suppliers.
  • Determine the extent of recession varieties (periods of days).
  • Determine the period of the items close to expiration.
  • Defines wholesale sales, categories, and discount levels for wholesale customers.
  • Creates promotions with multiple shapes and ideas.
  • It calculates the points for customers and sees the bonuses as well as redeem points through its connection with the ASCON Loyalty System and add the points.

Sector Software Solutions

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