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برامج إدارة الجمعيات الخيرية Charity ERP Systems
  • Ease of administrative structure in all branches and departments.
  • Linking administrative structures with financial cost centers.
  • Possibility of registration of the various charitable fields that are working (health – social – mosques – lawsuit – educational – media).
  • The possibility of registering grants and initiatives.
  • Forming a strategic plan for charity organizations and linking the types of expenses and grant branches and initiatives of the plan with the possibility of determining the value of each type of expense at the level of the branch and initiative.
  • The possibility of registering various projects with the possibility of loading all the project documents on the system.
  • The possibility of comparing between the estimated expenditures according to the strategic plan and the actual expenses with the identification of deviations.
  • Proof of transfer by the grant system effectively when the charity receives the transferred amounts.
  • The possibility of activating exchange orders and actual exchange movements and linking them with the financial system of the institution.
  • The possibility of sending SMS messages or emails from the system to the charity granted at the filing and receipt of project documents.
Agricultural and Animal ERP Systems