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Car Rental Companies Management

Car Rental Companies faces a lot of challenges in management, like monitoring many details that it contains. Car Rental Company Program offers a solution to help track all the details, ensuring high-quality performance for your team.

ASCON’s Car Rental Company Management Program provides you with a set of tools to efficiently and smoothly manage the car rental process, ensuring an increase in your profits.

Car Rental Company Program is a solution for the management of cars, customers, employees, and profits.

Using ASCON’s Car Rental Company Program effects your profits directly. It ensures the happiness of the customers, which makes them want to return once again. It optimizes all your resources and manages financial affairs, contracts, and other things with precision.


Through this program, you can benefit from the following features:

  • It enters the vehicle’s data according to «Models, Types, Colors, and Categories.»
  • It categorizes the fleet of cars into different categories, “large – medium – small – luxury.”
  • It determines the pricing policy for daily and monthly rent.
  • It sets up a policy for discounts and offers.
  • It divides your customers into categories. And issues customer membership cards for them, based on the available categories.
  • It creates different types of discounts and benefits for your customers, according to the membership category.
  • Examines the vehicle upon delivery to your customer and prints the examination form.
  • Register the rent leases; it determines the rental value and the number of kilometers allowed for the price of extra kilometers and the length of the contract.
  • When the vehicle contract is signed, it registers the mileage reading at the time, the date the customer delivered the car, and advance payment from the customer.
  • Performs and registers a checkup for the vehicle. When received from the customer, if there are any damages, it is logged to the client’s account.
  • Registers the millage to calculate the extra kilometers and prepares an invoice for the customer, including receivables. It deducts previously paid fees, and the contract is closed when the client pays his dues.
  • It helps with the flexibility of car delivery and contract closure at any branch of your company.
  • Register data of employees and the current car users, and handles long term leases for companies.
  • It starts with your client’s orders ” in case of production based on rules “and converts them to production orders, with your company’s monthly billing, and the system fixes the receivables.
  • Facilitates the exchange of cars if it has any problems.
  • Signs care for regular or emergency maintenance. It excluded it from the list of cars available for rental during the maintenance period.
  • It transfers cars between branches.
  • Produces full statistical reports for each car «lease contracts, and the total amount of its revenue and expenses »to know the feasibility of keeping or selling it as soon as possible to avoid loss.
  • Provides a statement of the cars available for rent, their models and categories, and cars out for maintenance or excluded.
  • It provides a statement of receivables on contracts and clients.
  • It prints lease contracts and invoices.

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